Camille Eakins

Office Manager and Administrative Assistant

Camille is Chicagoan, raised on the South Side as one of nine children. She is a mom of two boys and dedicates her free-time to her one and only grandson. With her first granddaughter on the way, she’ll soon be splitting her attention between two adorable babies. Camille has been the heart of our office family for 22 years as both Office Manager and Administrative Assistant. Working closely with our attorneys, Camille contributes an unrivaled attention to detail to deliver results for clients.

About the author

Michael Huguelet

Coming from, and continuing in, a large family, Mike fully appreciates his clients’ desire to protect their hard earned legacies after they are gone, while at the same time, providing protection for their legacies during the rest of their lives, taking into account the issues of aging, health care and wealth management.

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