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real estate planningAre you in the process of buying or selling a home, or engaged an another real estate transaction?  Our team understands that this is very likely the most significant financial transaction of your life.  The process can be complicated and confusing, and, full of potential pitfalls. Your attorney owes you the ethical and legal obligation of undivided loyalty.  We have the experience and expertise to assist you through this process.

Why do I Need a Lawyer if I am Buying or Selling a Home?

Real estate transactions are governed by the terms of a contract.  Once signed, you will be obligated to perform in accordance with the terms of that contract.  We will assist you in reviewing, negotiating and drafting the terms of the contract to make certain that your specific concerns are addressed and made a part of the contract.  We want to ensure that the terms of the contract work for you. After the contract is negotiated and signed:

  • If you are a Seller, you will be required to convey good title to the Buyer; your home will most likely be inspected and repairs may be requested; and, appropriate Closing documents such as a deed will need to be prepared, executed and presented at closing. We will be happy to assist you and help facilitate the process for you from contract date through the Closing. At any point in the transaction, difficulties may arise which may require professional intervention. We will identify and mitigate potential delays and other complications and hold Buyers accountable for their obligations and deadlines. We will collaborate with buying and selling real estate team members to prevent issues from escalating. We will provide clear guidance to help you make well-informed decisions. Please call us before you execute any transaction documents, if possible, and let us work for you.  If you have already signed a Contract, let us explain the terms of the Contract to you and help you get the transaction closed successfully.  We will be honored to have the opportunity to earn your trust.
  • If you are a Buyer, you should seriously consider having the property inspected by a qualified Home Inspector. Repairs may need to be completed prior to Closing; and, you and the Seller will need to agree upon the scope of the Seller’s obligation for those repairs. If you are applying for a mortgage to assist in financing the transaction, we will coordinate with your lender to ensure that all deadlines are met in order to expedite loan approval for a timely closed transaction.  At Closing, we will explain the loan documents to you.  In addition, as a Buyer, we will make certain that you are receiving good title, free of unforeseen liens and encumbrances, and that your form of ownership is consistent with your wishes.  We will be present with you at the Closing, side by side, to review and explain all Closing documents and address any concerns you have.  We don’t like surprises, and our job is to make certain that you are not surprised. After Closing, we will verify that deeds have been properly recorded with the County and title policies are received in a timely manner.  

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